Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing

Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing is made from premium quality, UV stabilised polycarbonate sheet and high performance plastics. All materials are fully recyclable. Ecoglaze is fitted to the inside of the existing window, and held in place using our magnetic system. This system traps a layer of still air between the pane of glass and the Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing. This trapped airspace will reduce the rate of heat loss, and also act as a buffer to reduce sound transmission.


Ecoglaze can double glaze your existing windows for a fraction of the cost when compared with replacement double glazed windows, and will still provide you with the benefits of standard double glazing.

Eco Secondary Glazing system uses Acrylic perspex panels, or polycarbonate panels, fitted with self adhesive magnetic tape to increase heat retention and sound insulation. Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing has four main features which directly benefit the homeowner.



Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing has three main features that directly benefit the homeowner.

  • Insulates, saving energy costs and making your house warmer.
  • Reduces condensation, making a healthier environment
  • Reduces external noise annoyance


Immediate Benefits Of Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing

  • Financial Saving - double glaze your existing windows for a fraction of the cost
  • Energy Saving - saves on your energy costs while making your house warmer.
  • Reduces Condensation - providing you with a healthier environment
  • Reduces Noise - providing you with a more pleasant home environment


How Ecoglaze Secondary Glazing Works

A strip of adhesive magnetic tape, similar to the type used in common fridge magnets, is applied to one side of your clear plastics panels (either perspex or polycarbonate). A second adhesive thin steel tape is applied to your window frame.

Using magnetic attraction, the plastic panel sticks to the steel tape providing an instant double glazed effect. The magnetic tape can be applied directly to the edge of plastic panels, or alternatively there is a white trim available, which will clip on providing a neat, clean edging strip. The magnetic tape can then be applied to this trim also.


Eco Secondary Glazing

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