Secondary Glazing Installation instructions

Eco Secondary Glazing Installation


PLEASE NOTE: Where heavier grade plastics are being used (e.g 6mm, 8mm etc.) it may be advisable to use additional mechanical support such as wooden side batons/supports and not to rely on the adhesive properties of the magnetic tape alone.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at or by phone on 028 9099 7931

Installation depends on your window design. Below is an example of one design.

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Secondy Glazing Frequently Asked Questions

Secondary Glazing FAQ's

Why we use Polycarbonate Sheets?

3mm or 4mm Clear Polycarbonate is the best material for secondary glazing. It has excellent sound absorption qualities as well as being light weight, glass clear, high impact, fire rated, and cost effective. It is also a superb material for greenhouse glazing as it is 200 times stronger than glass and very lightweight.

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