The benefits of secondary glazing

Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Install Secondary Glazing & Save

Our secondary windows have actually all been created to be strong, dependable, long-lasting and, specifically, very discreet and unobtrusive when set up. They supply a wide variety of advantages, some evident, some less so. The Main Advantages of Secondary Glazing

Thermal Insulation

Windows have the tendency to be a prime area for heat loss, which can be considerably decreased by introducing secondary glazing. Enhanced thermal insulation can help to save energy and, in turn, lower fuel expenses. Our standard secondary glazing significantly minimizes the heat loss from single glazing they will certainly save energy and

  • • lower heating bills
  • • enhance the Energy Score of your home
  • • add to your convenience
  • • secondary double glazing that's more thermally effective than replacement double glazing!


Noise & Noise Insulation

Our secondary glazing specified for sound insulation achieves significant levels of sound reduction & audio proofing. Secondary glazing is an efficient technique of decreasing noise pollution, whether you are looking to protect from noise, for example :

  • • Pubs and clubs
  • • general street noise
  • • traffic noise
  • • aeroplane & airport noise
  • • railway, station & train sound

So now you can enjoy your time at home without being disturbed by outdoors noise - and then get a good night's sleep!


Condensation Control

Where condensation on windows and condensation typically is an issue, we provide an easy, economical and irreversible solution which protects against condensation and mould. Help the Environment & Conservation The use of secondary glazing has considerable ecological benefits, as the life of the original windows is extended preventing them from going to the landfill and minimized heating lowers your future carbon footprint.

Secondary windows supply all the thermal insulation & soundproofing that contemporary living requirements demand, whilst protecting the character and look of older homes.

Our secondary glazing offers a very reliable tight seal that will certainly get rid of or significantly reduce the ingress of dust, pollen & airborne pollutants and stop cold draughts


Minimal maintenance has been designed into our secondary glazing and you can periodically wipe frames with a damp cloth.

Expense of single glazing

As previously pointed out secondary glazing is remarkably inexpensive and definitely less expensive than entirely replacing all your window fittings throughout the property with double glazed designs.

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